How Worlds Collide

What was once simply, “East Meets West” is no longer sufficient for the mouths of these two food bloggers. We’ve gone international, baby!

This blog is written and managed by two of whom you may call “typical hooligans” who have absolutely nothing in common with one another besides their undying obsession and lust for food. In other words, this blog is written and managed by two girls who are inseperable best friends, but seem to always be apart.  While summer plans separated the two by a coastal divide they are now tasked with being on two different time zones. One on Pacific Standard Time the other in a Central European Time Zone.

One East of the North Atlantic Ocean and one West. Until January.

Meet the East: Emily Nichols


As a self-proclaimed and heavily endorsed foodie, Emily lives vicariously through pictures of food. Once a Westerner, working in the Contingent United States for a corporation you may have heard of, McDonald’s USA, Emily has since departed and now lives abroad. A broad abroad. This mujer will be living in Salamanca, Spain from August-January. Expect plenty of posts about olive oil, too many tapas (just kidding – that doesn’t exist) and hefty loads of ham. Also Paquita. That name will make more sense soon.

Meet the West: Amelia Goe


As a young lady who wears far too many polka-dots and layers on too much lipstick, people assume she’s the kind of girl who picks pieces off her muffin when she takes bites. People think she is a “muffin picker” type of girl. This assumption could not be further from the truth. Amelia is known for stuffing her face regardless of who is watching. Food is not meant to be eaten while simultaneously looking cute. If it were, soups like the traditional Vietnamese pho would not exist. Amelia blogged during her Eastern travels  while interning in New York City at Interior Design Media over the summer of 2k13. She will be taking her spot back on the west coast in Phoenix, Arizona. There will be a lot less ham here than in Spain.

And so, when East meets West…

How it will work:
Each time Emily eats something mouthwatering and exquiste in Spain, way in the Eastern part of the world, Amelia will try to find, create, or identify the West Coast equivolent. We’d like to wish best of luck to Amelia in finding adequate tapas, tortilla Española and paella…

How you can keep up:
Feel free to follow our extravagant and completely fascinating lives by keeping up with our posts by selecting a city from the category menu where it says “OUR POSTS” on the top right corner of the screen. We don’t guarantee this will all be any amount as entertaining as keeping up with the Kardashians–but we have been known to give them a run for their money…Which is a lot of money.