Chocolate Chip Date Cake

Nice try, Amelia, but I think I win on this one…

While you were prancing along Madison Avenue nibbling on macarons,  my mom was here in our humble little Arizona kitchen whipping up a batch of homemade chocolate chip date cake.

photo (2)

This cake is good for two reasons: 1) because it is my great grandma Kamps’s recipe and 2) because my mom made it at 11pm simply because she wanted it. Bear in mind that she is a personal trainer and we eat relatively healthy around the house… so this must have been one of those level-10 cravings.

My philosophy with sweets has almost always been: avoid them…unless they are a family heirloom recipe. Because if you opt out of a piece of your great great granny’s famous cherry torte, you’re being disrespectful.

Hendrickous Antonious Van Lieshout Kamps’s chocolate chip date cake is a lovely concoction that is rooted in simplicity, but is topped with post-modern surprises.

To make this, a simple chocolate sheet cake recipe is used, then it is topped with chocolate chips (go for the good stuff and use that young Ghiradelli), date pieces, walnuts and brown sugar. The toppings are laid over the top of the cake and baked on like a streusel. The end result is a super spongy cake with an ever-so-perfectly caramelized sugar topping.

Date Cake Toppings

I was going to refrain from using the totally over-done “date” puns in this post, but I think just acknowledging that a bajillion did come to mind says enough about my personality…On that note, I’d take this cake on a date.



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