While Ladurée is not native to New York City it does happen to be the only Ladurée in the United States. Meaning, if you don’t own a passport this is really the only place you can go for the greatest macarons you will ever eat. Notice how I spell macaron the French way, because that is how it should be spelled. Why we change the name of specific dishes for different languages I will never fully understand. It wouldn’t hurt humanity to learn something in a new language every once in a while.

Now, the macaron is a light and airy treat that honestly can satisfy anyone. While I’ve been known to devour an entire box on a bad day after work I do find that just eating one can quench any sweet tooth.

Macarons from Ladurée

Macarons from Ladurée

The other day I was in the Upper Eastside and found myself on Madison Avenue. Knowing that I was near to my favorite French dessert I had to stop by and grab myself the Napoleon III — a stylish box that includes six flavors of your choosing. It just so happened that as I was inside the BBC news crew was also inside shooting a story. One of the reporters was questioning why the dessert was so special and to that I responded with:

“It’s the science of the entire dessert that makes them so special. It is made with egg whites meaning if you aren’t careful you can end up with meringue. It also means if you fold in too much of the almond meal without proper whipping of the eggs, the macarons won’t be airy and they will turn into flat crisps. It’s not an easy dessert to prepare.”

The woman then asked me for my contact information and asked that I be on the new BBC cooking show called “The Science of Cooking” — just kidding, that show does not exist. However, if it did I’m sure she would have asked me to be featured on it.

The Napoleon III

The Napoleon III

Bonne chance Emily!

– A


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