After the Game Food

Although sports games are undoubtedly a blast, it’s really the meal after the game that matters. With no competition, hamburgers are the best after-game food in existence.

Yesterday Amelia patronized what appears to be an amazing sports bar and grill type of place in New York–which naturally got me envious. Nothing beats an ambiant grill restaurant that serves delicious food and bustles with energy. Naturally, when I started thinking about grilling, my burger-juices started flowing. I’m not really sure what that expression means, but I think I’m going to just let it happen. I didn’t have time to go out to eat today, so I made my own grill food.

Like the brat (not the sausage kind, the personality kind) that I am, I don’t know how to grill and I’ve never had to learn. My mom is the lady in charge of the charcoal at our house… So, I asked her with my best manners to please grill me a hamburger patty — and approximately 11 minutes later, I had what I wanted.

Burgers weren’t my original lunch plan today, but I was more than willing to adjust when I saw Amelia’s post about Game Day Food. I had plans to make my XOXO, Salsa Girl guacamole using my classic recipe after church, and I had already bought all my ingredients.


In order to avoid disappointing my tastebuds who were so anxious for guac, I did what every smart woman would do:  I combined my guacamole plans with my hamburger and made heaven happen.

I usually opt out of bread and buns, so I had my hamburger on what I call a “romaine boat.” I broke my hamburger into pieces, smothered some of my fresh guacamole all up on it, and rowed rowed rowed my boat gently (slash viciously) into my mouth.

Burger Boat

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily I just live the dream.

This is exactly the type of meal I would devour (at really any time) but mostly after a tiring, sweaty, intense lacrosse game or double header softball tournament.

Burger Wrap

Game Day Food, especially today, is nowhere near as satisfying and scrumptious as After the Game Food.

I think I win again,



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