Carne Adovada

The ONLY thing better than Mexican food (well, besides Mexican food made fresh in Mexico) is leftover Mexican food. Something is so angel-esque about how cold beans, rice, salsa and cooked meat marinate with one another overnight and wake up the next morning tasting heavenly.

Last night–as has become a Friday tradition–I went out to dinner with my Granny. She loves to go out for fish fry at the local bar by our house, and I have no aversion to joining her. I have yet to order fish on Friday because I keep finding myself with other cravings when I begin to skim their diverse menu.

CK’s is a great neighborhood joint that boasts great grill food, but they also have a “little hidden secret” and I found it. In true Emily fashion, I had a Mexican food hankering last night, so I was wavering between ordering a steak fajita bowl and the carne adovada platter. Carne adovada is a red chile pork stew that requires many hours of slow simmering that results in meat that falls apart and melts in your mouth when eaten. I had ordered this before, but didn’t remember it being as fantastic as it was last night.


Served with black beans (that tasted average, and perhaps even canned) and a mediocre Mexican rice, this pork was carrying the team on its back. It was so meaty, perfectly spiced, and swimming in slightly sweet chile sauce. Only for the sake of my breakfast this morning did I leave myself any leftovers…

*QUEUE THE EGG* This morning, I thought of the perfect way to take my carne adovada from simply delicioso to absolutely unreal. I did my taste buds a flavor and made them a beautifully pan-seared runny egg to gently caress them alongside my meat, beans and rice. Plus, I had to one-up Amelia’s Eggs Benedict breakfast feast.


The moment my salty runny egg yolk broke over my beans and rice, I just stared at my plate and sighed. I’m sorry I get this way when I make great food, but I just feel so proud that runny eggs can accomplish so much tastiness no matter what I serve them over. They are such a great asset to anything regardless of the nationality of the meal.

Just to really be a food snob, I served my breakfast de campeones with half of a cool, creamy, fresh, avocado and some of my homemade salsa fresca.


I don’t care what came first between the chicken and the egg, I ‘m just here to consume them.



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