Coffee Shop Hunting: Gregorys Coffee

The coffee shops are numerous in the city, however finding the right kinds can be tough. While some serve great coffee not all serve equally satisfying pastries and then there is of course finding the right atmosphere to enjoy your caffeine. I work in the Theater District in Manhattan so when it comes to food in the surrounding area I have to admit, it’s tough pickings. Besides a few gems, all the food is mass produced for tourists and the prices are astronomical.

One of the hidden gems happens to be Gregorys Coffee. The coffee shop I hit up is conveniently located on 44th Street in-between Sixth and Fifth avenues. I often find myself popping in twice a day. Once in the morning for a hot coffee and once later in the afternoon for half priced pastries and an iced tea.

Iced Black Tea from Gregorys Coffee

Iced Black Tea from Gregorys Coffee

If you’ll notice their logo is an adorable little dude with coffee cups acting as his glasses. Classic.

Latte Art

Latte Art

The lattes at Gregorys are pretty choice. It’s hard to find a bad latte in my opinion. If you have a good roast and someone who knows how to steam milk you’ve got yourself at least a decent latte.

Dirty Chai

Dirty Chai

While Gregorys has a magnificent chai latte, I’m not a fan of the dirty chai, it tasted more like milk than anything else. Dirty milk is more like it. Perhaps it was the barista’s fault but ever since my bad experience I haven’t had any round twos.

The food at Gregorys is just as good if not better than the coffee. Giant rice crispy treats, buttery croissants and the newest craze: cronuts.

Swiss Oatmeal containing peanuts, raisins, apples, bananas, yogurt, skim milk and oatmeal.

Swiss Oatmeal containing peanuts, raisins, apples, bananas, yogurt, skim milk and oatmeal.

The ever famous Cronut.

The ever famous Cronut.

S'mores Cookie

S’mores Cookie

I can’t complain when it came to any of their edible choices. The s’mores cookie is heavenly, the swiss oatmeal is filling and the cronut is a half croissant and half doughnut combination that I need to become more familiar with. I can’t decide if I like it enough to want more but I will say it is a great idea. Doughnuts can be so heavy and by adding the flaky light element of a croissant, it eases the density of the pastry.

All in all, it is one of my new favorite locations.

– A


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