Sweet Potato (and Pecan) Pancakes

Sweet potato pancakes

Sappy-sweet, pure maple syrup gently cascades down a mountanous pile of doughy sweet potato-based pancakes. A gentle dallop of creamy homemade whipped cream delicately sits atop the cakes. Perfectly crunchy, flaky pecans are dispersed carefully over the entirety of the food formation: A Typical Breakfast for Emily.


So, I thought it would be tactful for me to insert the picture at the beginning of this blog post. I’m tempted to believe that many of you simply do not give one care in the world about what I have to say, and you simply just wish to poodforn? Am I right?

Regardless, that picture above is one of the all-time best breakfast shots I have ever captured. Eat vicariously all you’d like. If you’d like to act upon your now-watering mouth, just simply google sweet potato pancakes, that’s what I did. Glad I could provide you the recipe.


LOL JK, I just can’t seem to locate the recipe and I feel time-crunched to get this post in the blogosphere.

In the spirit of continued pancake convo, I’d also like to time travel waaaaay back to beginning of last school year.

One day, my mother had a hankering and we fulfilled it. She wanted pancakes, despite it being 3:30pm. Luckily for us, we tend to gravitate toward cafes and restaurants that tactfully keep pancakes on their menus all day. On this particular day, we were sipping chai lattes and talking about men at Luci’s Healthy Marketplace on 16th Street and Bethany Home in Phoenix. It’s so trendy, I can’t even. I don’t always love restaurant-made pancakes, but when I do love them, I love them hard. Please take a look:

Pecan Pancakes from Luci's

Pecan Pancakes from Luci’s Healthy Marketplace

I realize these are ever-so-slightly inferior to the drizzled, goopy, heavenly “wafels” Amelia devoured in New York, but I think they still deserve a “Participation” award for their efforts in what–again–has not been much of a battle between Amelia and myself.



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