Grab some milk at the Milk Bar.

Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku Milk Bar

Momofuku is most easily recognized as a group of restaurants differing in menus, design but are all highly regarded in the culinary world. There are ten different restaurants but twelve in total, as Noodle Bar and Milk Bar are also situated in Toronto. While the restaurants are known for many things such as, noodles, cookies and alcohol I went down to one of New York’s many Momofuku’s Milk Bar locations on Thirteenth Street between Third and Second avenues, to try a popular delicacy in the form of cereal milk. Yep, cereal milk. The milk you drink after you’ve eaten all the cereal is a popular flavor of milk and milkshakes served at the Milk Bar. Needless to say, it tasted exactly like cereal milk. It was cereal milk.

Cereal Milk, milkshake and a compost cookie from Momofuku's Milk Bar.

Cereal Milk, milkshake and a compost cookie from Momofuku’s Milk Bar.

A popular cookie known as the Compost Cookie.

A popular cookie known as the Compost Cookie.

The shakes are made with soft serve mixed with organic whole milk . They get their milk from Trickling Springs Creamery which provides milk from local and family farms that treat their animals without the use of synthetic hormones. My shake was $6 and massive. Massive as in I actually puked after I drank it… but that was my own fault. I know it’s probably not kosher to talk about vomit while writing about food, especially good food, but these things happen. Again, I only puked because I ate way too much that night. I repeat, if you order the cereal milk milkshake you may not puke as I did. It all just depends on how much you consume. Drink responsibly.

Cookies are $1.85 each or three for $5, six for $10 and so on. The compost cookie is a marvelous invention. It’s a cookie that is basically packed with everything. It contains chocolate chips, mini butterscotch chips, graham crust, rolled oats, ground coffee, potato chips, pretzels and the list goes on. When you get the occasional salty crunch from the potato chip mixed with the sweet tastes of butterscotch and chocolate you experience a magical balance of culinary expertise.

Another popular menu item called Crack Pie.

Another popular menu item called Crack Pie.

Food Glorious Food

Food Glorious Food

Now let’s talk crack. I’m not talking about the hard drug, although this pie might as well be illegal. The amount of sugar and butter that goes into this piece of pie is far more than I should probably consume in a week but regardless of that information, I’d go back for a second slice. While in line the lady in front of me told me that one time she ordered five crack pies and ate them all in one sitting. “I stopped doing drugs a long time ago but I’m not sure this is any better for me,” the woman chuckled. She went on to order a Pea-Nut soft serve made with peas and almonds, three birthday cake flavored cake truffles and a compost cookie. She was magnificent. The crack pie slices are $5.25 which is much less expensive than crack, I’m assuming. While the portion size is a little small for the price it makes up for quantity in quality.

IMPORTANT DINING TIP: If I can impart any wisdom or advice for your dining experience at Milk Bar it would be this: don’t eat so much that you spew it all out. No, just kidding. Seriously though, I suggest that if you order the pies or cookies, you should wait and let them thaw out. They keep the baked goods stored in super cold temperatures and they firm up in the process. If you wait long enough to let them become soft you can experience much better flavors and textures. When I first took a bite of my crack pie I was not impressed but I saved it for later and when I took another bite I didn’t put the fork down.





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