Pisto Manchengo

Today I come with news regarding the best 10 euros I’ve ever spent. Of the 100 I’ve ever spent…these were the best ten.

Today’s story takes place in Toledo, España. It includes a variety of vegetables, mouthwatering sauce and a few runny eggs.

Today’s story has a few main characters and a few supporting.

Let’s begin with the location. Toledo is a beautifully old pueblo in the center of España that has “old” and “new” parts. My study abroad group took a guided tour through the old city of Toledo. It was rich with history and the weather was absolutely perfect. Slightly breezy and entirely sunny.

After we spent our day walking through the city, we stayed in a really high-end hotel that had a beautiful pool and was really modern.

Toledo, España
Toledo, España

Toledo, España

It was located a bit outside of the city, and at night the other students and I decided to just walk across a bridge and enter the “new city”–rather than take a taxi into the older part.

Great decision would be an understatement.

When we left, my expectations for dinner were low. I would have been completely content just grabbing a bocadillo or something small.

BUT NO…the food Gods had it out for me.

Three chicos and myself made a discovery. But it’s a secret.

Legitimately: we discovered a secret.

This restaurant we found se llama “El Secreto.” It was amazing. It was completely unassuming from the outside and totally fancy on the inside. Our waiter was super polite and when he noticed our broken Spanish, he came out with a small laptop with Google translate opened to help us out.

After much awkward, broken discussion, I had the waiter recommend me a dish. He advised me to try “Pisto Manchengo.” All I knew was that I was in the right area to have anything “Manchengo” because I was in the Mancha region of Spain–and I knew queso Manchengo was sheep’s milk. Holy cow my mouth is watering.

I wasn’t served cheese.

Instead, my “Pisto Manchengo” was this absolutely amazingly savory veggie dish with the most incredible flavor I have ever tasted. Essentially a ratatouille, it was fresh, garlic-ridden, salty zucchini, onions, and other assorted verduras (vegetables). It was wonderfully filling and (Gracias a Dios), it was topped with three huevos fritos.

Huevos fritos…that is all. I don’t even know what kind these were… but they were tiny, farm-fresh and totally savory. Yolks like I ain’t ever yolked before. No yolk.

To accompany this gasmic meal, I had two glasses of the best Sangria known to my taste buds. At first I wasn’t going to order any…but I am beyond glad I did. 10 euro for all this? Dios mio.

I think El Secreto put giggle-drugs in their food and drinks. Our whole group was giggling really exponentially too much, given the situation. It was some of the happiest I felt so far in all of my trip. Fresh food, giggly sangria, really awesome people, secrets and runny eggs are now my favorite combination of things.

Here I leave you this photo. It is small. That is okay because you can still see the huevos. Small but mighty.

No hay palabras.

No hay palabras.

Con un estómago lleno, I bid you farewell.




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