“Eating” San Sebastián

In Spain, there’s a distinct food culture. Within Spain, there are different places that also have their own distinct food cultures.

San Sebastián, Spain, is among these distinct gastronomical cultures. In San Sebastián, all of the bars are constantly packed–with people and with pintxos. Pintxo is the Basque spelling of the word “pincho” which is is the same as “tapa” and is essentially just a little snack food that comes in all flavors and variations.

Naturally in my travels to San Sebastián, I partook in this food culture. There is even a verb that describes what I did (which was bounce from bar-to-bar and eat one or two pinchos and have a glass of wine at each): “ir de pinchos”.

It would be an understatement to say I “ate” the town.
I legitimately ate the whole town. Possibly I even ate it twice.
I certainly visited some pincho bars twice (or three or four or five times).


  • Carillera (Beef Cheek)
  • Queso de Cabra Tostada (Toasted Goat Cheese)
  • Pimiento Relleno con Bacalao (Stuffed Pepper with Salted Cod)
  • Brocheta de Gambas (Shrimp Skewer)

Here are some of the pictures I managed to capture. Many were not captured because I simply could not wait to snap a picture before consuming. Either that or the wine got to my head and I forgot. But regardless…here we go.
I will do my best to remember what they all were…

2013-10-11 13.42.32

Tortilla Española con carne y queso

2013-10-11 13.44.00

Tostada with brie cheese and sundried tomato

2013-10-11 13.56.57

Carrillera (Beef Cheek) in red wine sauce

2013-10-11 14.22.40

Crab Quiche and Spider Crab / Salmon Tostada

2013-10-11 19.13.24

Pimiento Relleno con Bacalao (Salted Cod)

2013-10-11 19.17.01

Brocheta de Gambas (Shrimp Skewer)

2013-10-11 19.38.55

Prosciutto, Mushrooms, Brie Cheese, Frizzled Onions

2013-10-11 20.15.10

Homemade Croissant and Jamon Iberico

2013-10-11 21.03.06

Goat Cheese, Walnut, Pistachio and Balsamic Vinegar

2013-10-11 21.20.39


2013-10-11 21.20.44

Something wrapped in bacon with shrimp on a skewer

2013-10-11 22.15.09

Pimiento Relleno

2013-10-11 23.13.17

Some seafood and béchamel sauce, baked

2013-10-12 12.05.28

This was not a pintxo. This was my friend’s breakfast.

2013-10-12 12.05.35

Fresh baguette, tomato paste and jamon Serrano

2013-10-12 16.03.03

Toasted Goat Cheese Salad

2013-10-12 16.03.12

Asparragus and Jamon

2013-10-12 16.18.33

This was my friend’s lunch. A fish called Rape.

2013-10-12 21.04.45

Prosciutto, Balsamic Glaze, Brie Cheese

2013-10-12 21.19.36

Some form of bacon, mushroom and béchamel sauce

2013-10-12 21.53.10

Carillera, Asian Style

2013-10-12 21.53.15

Vieira (Portuguese word for Scallop) with Garlic and Herbs

2013-10-12 22.16.01

Spider Crab in Wonton Cone

2013-10-12 22.36.06

Mejillones with buttery garlic suace

2013-10-12 23.42.14

Spinach and Onion Frizzled Nest and Shrimp

2013-10-12 23.53.55

Legitimate Cheese Cake

2013-10-13 00.08.52

Something wrapped in bacon

2013-10-13 00.15.51

Shrimp and Scallop

2013-10-13 11.37.13

Dulce de Leche Triangulo

2013-10-13 13.28.03

Pile of Spider Crab and Shrimp

2013-10-13 14.15.19

Fois Gras de Margaret Ravioli

2013-10-13 14.16.58

Ox Tail

2013-10-13 15.00.13

Ravioli with Lemon Grass and something else

2013-10-13 15.00.17

“Kebab” meat with ciruela (fruit) paste

Also, look at this cool collage I made:


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