Wait, we’re not in France…

Café? Crêpes? C’est Paris, n’est-ce pas? Tort. Faux. 

Barista signature from Crêpe Bar

Barista signature from Crêpe Bar

Crêpe Bar in Tempe brings crêpes to individuals who don’t know what real crêpes are. I’ve not had a real authentic crêpe in Arizona but I’m not going to lie, the eats at Crêpe Bar are pretty damn delicious. With American influences, Crêpe Bar takes a traditional French dish and twists it to make the modern American pleasantly surprised that they can truly enjoy “very thin pancakes.”

Sweet & Savory Crêpes

Sweet & Savory Crêpes

I notice a lot of people who don’t like crêpes complain about the “portion for the price” factor. However, that complaint does not apply here, as one savory dish and one sweet dish can be split to fill the bellies to the brim of two ravenous college students. We ordered a savory breakfast chipotle crêpe with eggs, bacon, queso jack cheese and avocado salsa. With a seasoned spicy salt to the side and an impeccable presentation, a dish with eggs, bacon and queso becomes sexy. Let us not forget the sweet vanilla bean custard crêpe with strawberries, candied almonds, caramel and chocolate. Equally delicious for completely different reasons.

End of meal samples

End of meal samples

After we did our best to finish the mass quantity of food, we were gifted these bite-sized morsels  of carrot cake with spun sugar. Delicious additions and very kind of the chef, who sent them to every patron.

Latte and Barista Signature

Latte and Barista Signature

Oh, and how could I forget the coffee and granola? Before your meal you are given granola to munch on. It’s complete with toasted almonds, cinnamon and other bits to crunch on and ease your hunger pains. The coffee is well-crafted and my barista signature, which was a Moroccan blend, was divine.

If you’re free during your après-midi, take in a lunch at this great Tempe spot. You may forget where you even are.
Bon appétit!



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