One Street. Two Girls. Pizza and Ice Cream.

With cravings for pizza and ice cream we headed out on a hunt for both. Lucky enough for a pair of hungry girls, we found both on the same street. Pizzeria Delfina has two locations; one standing in the lower Pacific Heights and the other in the center of Mission Dolores. I took dinner in the latter, off of Guerrero and Eighteenth streets, just a skip away from Bi-Rite Creamery. Delfina is an interesting dining experience in the sense that you, as a customer, have an option of the type of experience you want. You may either dine in the pizzeria, which has a casual atmosphere or you may sit next-door in a more upscale setting that offers a larger menu of pasta dishes. We went with the good old outdoor scenery and sat on their front patio under the heaters. We were toasty warm even with the easy breezy winter chill. With menus out and appetites amped up we decided on an antipasti and a pizza to split.

For the antipasti we got a special of fried onions served with an aioli sauce on the side. Typical good tasting finger food, but the aioli had a subtle zing to it which made it taste more like a flavored mayo. Either way, the combination was choice and we ate everything on the plate.

Fried onions with aioli sauce

Fried onions with aioli sauce

Choosing a pizza was difficult. We observed the food around us and the thin crusted pizza looked good no matter which way you sliced it. We narrowed it down to two, one being the Salsiccia ($15.75), with housemade fennel sausage, tomato, bell peppers, onions and mozzarella. The other — which came out as the winner — was the Prosciutto Pie($17), with prosciutto di parma, caciocavallo, mozzarella, panna and arugula. The prosciutto was delicious and while I’m not normally a huge fan of many thin crust pizzas, Delfina does it right.

Prosciutto Pie

Prosciutto Pie

For a dinner for two, Pizzeria Delfina does not disappoint. The location is primo and the service was fantastic. If you enjoy a thin-bubbled crust Italian pizza with a kick of New York flavor then this is your kinda place.

Once dinner was consumed we took a jaunt across the way to Bi-Rite Creamery & Bakeshop. Handmade ice cream with a multitude of flavors, combinations and presentations. The ice cream flavors are not your traditional run of the mill vanilla and chocolate. We sampled more ice cream than we probably ordered but who am I kidding, we ordered a heck of a lot of ice cream. We chose a scoop of the honey lavender and the Afternoon Snack, a signature sundae of roasted banana ice cream, housemade graham crackers, caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Afternoon Snack

Afternoon Snack

So, why would you go to Bi-Rite Creamery as opposed to another ice cream joint in San Francisco? Well, first of all, by all means go and eat at any and all other ice cream shops. You can never have too much ice cream. However, Bi-rite uses organic milk, eggs and cream from local Straus Family Creamery. Everything just tastes so much better when it’s fresh and local. You can taste the quality. That’s why it’s amazing.

At the end of the night we wobbled home with stomachs full and cravings quenched. Not a bad day in our lives.



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