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Goat Cheese is Christ on pizza.

Confused by the title? Please see: Cheeses Christ, this is good pizza.

So, Pita Jungle has this legendary Chipotle Chicken Lavosh pizza. It’s incredible. I have around 10 pictures of it on my phone…and I’ve never ordered it myself. Common theme: I don’t order all of these incredible dishes, I just drool at them, take their picture and then ask for a bite from the owner.

Example A

Example A of my pics of Pita Jungle’s Chipotle Chicken Lavosh Pizza

A couple of days ago, my little sister had a moment of brilliance. Homegirl decided on a whim that we should buy some lavosh flatbreads at Trader Joe’s and bring it home–literally and figuratively to make magic happen.

We spent a solid 30 minutes preparing homemade pesto, chopped chicken breast, fresh tomato chunks, red onions, honey goat cheese, fresh mozzarella and garlic olive oil for our lavosh pizza dinner. Our mom escaped the kitchen to clean our toilets, like any good mom does, and returned when the oven beeped ready.

Goat cheese so close you could touch it

Goat cheese so close you could touch it

The sunlight really adds an appropriate halo-effect

The sunlight really adds an appropriate halo-effect

Truthfully, our Chicken Pesto Lavosh pizzas TRUMPED Pita Jungle’s Chipotle Chicken version. Nothing beats homemade pesto. NOTHING. I just use basil, spinach, garlic and olive oil in mine. If I were rich, I’d probably add parmesan and pine nuts.

I’m also getting pretty fantastic at designing a homemade pizza, starting with raw dough from Sprouts or Trader Joe’s…

Like the time I made this. Please note: Amelia

Like the time I made this. Please note: Amelia and Brien

Last weekend, me and my girl Alejandra decided to spontaneously venture down south to Tucson, the land of my conception, and visit my best friend Dylan Moran. I asked Dylan before we even arrived if we could cook dinner–and had pizza on my mind all day.

We whipped up a fantabulous dinner with fresh dough, honey goat cheese, tomato sauce, hot sausage, bell peppers, onions and mozarella. I also did work on my favorite type of salad–greek, with feta (mostly for Alejandra’s mouth pleasure).

Feta cheese with a side of salad

Feta cheese with a side of salad

We split the grocery bill and it was only $7 a piece–for a full pizza and salad meal. God bless Sprouts.  

 Additionally, I am under the understanding that cooking is sexy. If this is the case, I am wondering why I am still single…?


P.S.–Honorable pizza mention goes out to the recent re-discovery I made. Florencia’s Pizza Bistro does the most with this incredible “Raspolte” pizza that I crave nearly daily. Goat cheese and tangy, spicy raspberry sauce–just shut up.

Florencia's "Raspolte" Pizza. Shamefully, I announce picture is c/o my sister

Florencia’s “Raspolte” Pizza. Shamefully, I announce picture is c/o my sister


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St. Francis and Guy Fieri

I don’t just want to be Guy Fieri, I want to beat him. And sometimes, I do.

I beat his episodes, at least. Admittedly, I am one of hundreds of thousands of people who can’t get enough of the show “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives” on The Food Network. I even heard once that The Food Network sees poor ratings when they have almost anything but D-D-D on the air.

A few months back, I came across a list on one of my favorite blogs, Chow Bella, announcing that Guy Fieri had just been taping new episodes of D-D-D in the valley. I need to avoid bandwagon riding, so I hustled in when I heard he had been. Poet and I don’t even know it. I’ve basically followed Guy everywhere in AZ so far, so this was my routine duty. (More blog posts to come about the other D-D-D featured places I’ve been). 

 St. Francis in Phoenix was one of the places on this new list, although it’s been all the hype for quite some time now. Homeboy chef Aaron Chamberlin does magic in this place. He cooks everything in his wood oven, and the colors of the ingredients are incredible. Everything is local and baked fresh and just…k. No words. Just, no words. Literally, here are pictures that speak all the words I could attempt to construe… 

Baked goat cheese. Chevre, if you're fancy.

Baked Goat Cheese. Chevre, if you’re fancy.

Fresh baked veggie flatbread.

Fresh Baked Veggie Flatbread.

Baked Moroccan Meatballs over Israeli Couscous.

Green Chile Pork and Fresh Cornbread.

Green Chile Pork and Fresh Cornbread.


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