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Thai Curry 2.0

Today I did what all interns dream of: I got to eat a meal with my boss whilst on the clock (also on the company card). A “working lunch” if you will.  I certainly will. Given the selective freedom on where we should go for our lunch date, I selected Narai Thai. I found it on UrbanSpoon with high ratings–and those ratings were verified after our delicious lunch. Everyone there today was also on their executive work lunch break. So much corporate was present in that tiny, Thai-decorated square footage.

Truthfully, I selected Thai because I knew I was due for a blog post, and I wanted to put an end to Amelia’s irritation with me for not reciprocating to her Thai Curry post. It’s so uncharacteristic of me to be the team hold-back.

I just realized I went to Narai Thai and she went to Tai Thai. Lots of variation in names going on in this food realm, eh?

I ordered Red Curry with Beef.

I tried to exactly replicate Amelia's curry bowl angle...

I tried to exactly replicate Amelia’s curry bowl angle…

My manager ordered Pad Thai. I pretty much have Pad Thai every time I go out for Thai –whether its Phoenix, Flagstaff or otherwise. Usually my dear friend Yihyun or mom or someone orders it, which in turns means I get a few bites of that peanut goodness.

Honorable mention deserves honorable picture (Dara Thai in Flagstaff, Ariz)

Honorable mention deserves honorable picture (Dara Thai in Flagstaff, Ariz)

My Red Curry was delicious, and although I ordered a 4/5 spice level — it was so mild. I wanted to really rip my taste buds apart, but no opportunity arose. Even doused with chile garlic paste, I couldn’t get that Thai fire to ignite in my mouth. I think those who can withstand spicy foods are among the best humans on this planet. With that said, I bid you all good day.

Again, tried to really nail that angle.

Again, tried to really nail that angle.

AKA I have nothing else I feel like writing.

Curry was good. It always is.

Phoenix is great. It always is.

I am better than Amelia. I always will be.



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